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By providing Housing options, ranging from immediate response through permanent placement, we are committed to ending homelessness as quickly as possible for families and individuals in need.

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Our Outreach programs are often the first point of contact for people who are disconnected and isolated from our community. With consistency, we can help to successfully transition from crisis to a plan for a better future.

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By stepping in with an appropriate measure of assistance, we can help stabilize a family and find productive options for a stronger future.

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Partnerships are the core of our strategy for ending hunger and homelessness. For over 40 years, we have been committed to looking outside our walls to find other community members, organizations, congregations, and businesses to become part of the solution.

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Take a Stand! Join our Summer of Family Philanthropy!

Take a Stand! Join our Summer of Family Philanthropy!

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We are inviting our community to Take a Stand and find creative ways to help spread the word about Pathways of Hope and involve the entire family in philanthropy and volunteering.

We have materials available to help plan a fundraiser as well as resources to talk with your family about hunger and homelessness and how they can be involved in making a difference!

Watch this page for updates about when events are happening around you!

Find resources about operating a lemonade stand and activities for people of all ages to better understand homelessness! RESOURCE PAGE

A New Option for Families in Need

A New Option for Families in Need

We are excited to be opening Orange County’s first immediate response housing program for families.

Via Esperanza is the first immediate-response housing program for families in Orange County. For families who are in housing crisis, the need for safe shelter is the utmost priority. Unfortunately, the urgency for any type of shelter often places a family at greater risk- such as sleeping in a vehicle, continuing in an abusive relationship, or bouncing from motel to motel. While there are transitional housing programs to help families, they each have specialty entry criteria and assessment process.

Our goal is to have housing available when a family needs it and to follow through with placement that will lead to permanent affordable housing. Every family is different, and so the approach to finding housing options will look different as well. Some need counseling or employment development, some need substance-abuse intervention or legal help. Some need a few days to make contact with family who can take them in. Some just need the help to find an affordable apartment before their paycheck arrives. (more…)

A Family Finds Their Way Home

A Family Finds Their Way Home

On a cold fall night, the Dresser family found themselves out of options. They had moved out to southern California for the prospect of a new job, but what was promised quickly evaporated and the family was left scrambling for any type of work in order to afford a place to live. When jobs didn’t materialize they found a cheap motel to stay in. Then their car. Then they were facing the prospect of living on the street.

We see this story happen often, but what is less common is when it happens to a family of seven.

After being connected to the Anaheim Police Department homelessness liaison officers, they found out that this family had housing available for them, if only they would be able to get back to their family in Georgia.

Our wheels started turning and we were able to pay for the train tickets to Georgia for the entire family. Pathways of Hope committed to getting the tickets and then other partners helped to find items like suitcases and snacks for the four-day adventure. We helped with a motel stay and 48 hours from first contact, we were able to see this family get on the train and start they journey back east. Their future story has yet to be written, but the chapter on homelessness has been closed.

New Glasses and a New Heart

New Glasses and a New Heart

“I wouldn’t have come today if they hadn’t made me!”

This was the introductory line from a gentleman that we met at one of our recent community education trainings about the factors surrounding homelessness. We started these classes as part of our leadership for the City of Fullerton’s AmeriCorps VISTA project and has grown into a partnership with Fullerton Advocating Community Transformation, or Fullerton ACT. They are an opportunity to bring together concerned residents with professional outreach workers to help direct people’s efforts to be part of a productive solution.

“I’ve lived in these city for decades and I’ve watched this homeless problem get worse and worse,” the man continued.


Get Involved

Help Volunteer

If you are looking to get involved and make a difference, we have several options ready for you to consider! We work with individuals and groups to help find the right match between their skills and experience and what is most beneficial for the people we serve and our organization. Feel free to look through some of the opportunities and contact our office (no commitment!) to find out more and schedule a consultation!

Whether you are looking to volunteer as an individual or a group, we have opportunities to help join the team of Pathways of Hope! We utilize volunteers for administrative help, outreach assistance, maintenance, and other areas based on your particular interest! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information!

Check out our current volunteer opportunities!

Plan an Event

We are always looking for creative and/or organized people to help plan our fundraising events, or to discuss and assist in you hosting your own fundraiser to help support the mission of Pathways of Hope! Contact our office for more information!

Invite a Speaker

If you or a group of people would like more information about homelessness and hunger in Orange County, as well as what we can do to end it, contact our office to discuss details! Several members of our team are gifted and knowledgeable communicators and would love to meet and plan an educational event! Contact our office for more information!

Serve in Leadership

As part of our community-based response to hunger and homelessness, we invite people to consider joining our Board of Directors as well as focused Committees and specialty advisory panels called Community Engagement Groups. If you are looking for a way to make a difference in your community and are looking for other committed partners, we invite you to contact our office for more information!

Visit our Campuses

There is no substitute for seeing something with your own eyes. We welcome everyone to come visit our campuses and see for themselves what we are doing to end hunger and homelessness. We have a regular Open House event on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 6:00-8:00pm and we can also schedule individual and group tours to fit your schedule. Contact the office for more information and the schedule an appointment.

Take a Stand!

Get involved with our summer of family philanthropy by hosting a Lemonade Stand or any type of local fundraiser that helps to raise awareness and funds to end hunger and homelessness! Check out more information here! 

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At Pathways of Hope, we depend upon generous donations from supporters like you to continue to provide services to families affected by hunger and homelessness.

We strive for excellence in our financial management and utilize our resources to have 92 cents of every dollar used for the programs that will lead families and individuals to a better situation.

As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your contributions may be tax-deductible.

We will provide all documents necessary for your tax preparations with an end-of-year donation receipt letter. (Tax ID Number: 33-0147739)

Our Partners

The support that we receive from the community is fundamental to our work in ending hunger and homelessness. We are always looking to find who we can partner with to have a better response for long-term solutions. If you are considering how to get involved in making a difference in ending hunger and homelessness, contact our office to find out more!